Welcome to the wiki!This wiki is from the Guild of the ROBLOX game,Swordburst Online.This guild was founded by Aquarlo (CarloPlays_RBLX) and was inspired by the anime "Sket Dance".This guild is made to help other players especially newbies and protect anyone being a PKing target.I hope you enjoy being acquinted to the guild!

Information About The GuildEdit

AquaPulse is a guild that helps anyone in need.Most of the time,we fight on the frontline dungeons and prevents any PKers from going frenzy.Normally we try our best to not cause a commotion around and lets players get 75% damage to monsters when farming.This guild is only known by a few people who had been acquainted to it.

The guild helps players who have just started.We try to stop potential PKers if they are to go frenzy.However the guild has no power to be able to stop hackers,our only options are to kill them,troll them or ignore them.

Each party in the guild has atleast 7 members (1 squad) in missions that their superiors have ordered them to do such as stopping one of the mini-bosses from getting to the safe zone.Members will always be in high honors not only for the commander but for everyone in the guild.

Selling in Floor 1 is one of our hardest projects we have ever commenced,having only a few members and only a few rare swords can become a commotion for low-level players wanting them for free.To say the truth: We are only following the rules of the game that had been given to us,any false trading will not be our fault and any selling price lower than the AUSP will not be permitted unless the person has negotiated with High Ranks in the guild.

We Unite,We Fight and We Protect!

Latest activityEdit

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