Recruitment is a very important act for the whole guild.Recruitment is the way to get more members in your guild and that is the only way you could ever get a member.There are a few strict rules in recruitment especially for the people who had been recruiting for more than a week or so.

Recruitment is very important when it comes to guild strength and the bond that surrounds it.It is very dangerous to recruit strangers that you have just met,it is better if you both first get to know each other to be able to commence in combat together.

Here are the strict rules of recruitment:

  1. Before joining the guild,you must have the appropriate level (15) and must have the proper knowledge in the game.
  2. The recruit must be active and always prepared for dungeon raids.
  3. The recruit must be able to rely in his/her teammates but must be able to understand that he/she must value sacrificing to others.The recruit must be able to rely on his co-members.
  4. The recruit must respect his/her co-members especially their superiors.Treat them kindly and be friendly.Socialization is also a requirement for the guild.
  5. The recruit must go through a "Special Training" before joining.

Those rules are the most important in recruitment in this guild.We want to tell the members that we aren't just for fun,our guild is important to it's own members.The more we are,the stronger we'll be.The more disciplined we are,the better we'll be.